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Greenteam Courier

Greenteam Courier

Environmental Policy

For a long time the impact of what we, humans, do on this earth is an issue that we must all acknowledge now and not later. It is time to wake up while we can still smell some roses! The evidence for this is overwhelming and cannot be ignored.

I believe that we must lead by example and to that end, we have taken steps to become more proactive in this regard. Reducing our own environmental footprint is a priority.

bullfrog powerBy creating our Greenteam Courier Division, we have eliminated motorized delivery vehicles from the downtown business core in Toronto and have replaced them with 100% people power. We will help to reduce auto emissions and pollution the byproducts of these vehicles. We have also started to use recycled paper and energy efficient lighting in our offices. Our web site is also another great way to eliminate the old style paper waybills with five copies to a simpler paperless mode. secured Courier is Bullfrog Powered!

In addition, we are now a proud sponsor of Toronto’s Tree Advocacy Planting Program. We are over the next 5 years committed to planting over 5000 trees at a site specifically chosen for us here in Toronto’s west end. This Urban Forest will be planted on behalf of “Greenteam clientele”.

Within the next 5 years, we are attempting a switch to fuel-efficient hybrid, electric or bio fuel delivery vehicles. We are Green and are going to become even Greener.

We will keep this page updated as we realize our objectives in this ongoing effort and I strongly urge our employees, courier brokers and valued customers to do the same.

Greg Linton
President & CEO
Secured Logistics Inc.