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Switch to GREENTEAM Courier

and make Toronto a greener city.

A division of  Secured Logistics Inc.


Reduce Gridlock


Reduce Emissions


Deliver Packages Faster in the “Green Zone”


Increase Environment Friendly Awareness


Reduce Paper Waste Through Internet Orders

green teeam map

Greenteam Courier is a subsidiary of Secured Logistics Inc. We’ve pulled 30 of our vehicles from the downtown core and facilitate all pick-ups and deliveries with our team of:

  • Cyclists
  • TTC Metro Pass couriers,
  • We service entire TTC subway system.

All other deliveries within the GTA still use motorized vehicles. We are in the process of replacing our fleet with hybrid vehicles over the next five years.

Greenteam Couriers are fast, efficient, polite, environmentally friendly and 100% reliable.
When you need to push the Panic button they are there for you!

Thank you Greenteam.

Kim Haliday

Administrative & Development Coordinator Planet In Focus: International Environmental Film & Video Festival , Planet In Focus

Agatha and I had a great morning with you and your crew; Georgia loved playing in the dirt. Agatha was saying that is was nice for her to finally put a face with a name now that she has met you and Abby.

What a great thing you and Greenteam Courier are doing. Let me know when you are doing this again in the spring and count me in. I am a big fan of reforestation and nature preserves. Anything I can help with, let me know.

Thanks again for the invitation to partake in this endeavour.

Mark & Agatha Mountjoy

I received your recent press release from my workplace regarding your great environmental awareness and your great effort to do something to save the world! I am very impressed – and I am an extremely passionate environmentalist.

Thanks so much for your efforts


St. Joseph Media