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Letter to Mayor


The following is a letter which was written to past Toronto Mayor David Miller. It announced the founding of GreenTeam Courier and highlights how GreenTeam Courier is beneficial to Toronto.

Mr. David Miller
Toronto City Hall, 2nd Floor
100 Queen St. W.
Toronto, ON, M5H2N2

Dear Sir:

RE: The GreenTeam Courier Helps Make A Difference

One of the concerns of residents of Toronto that you have addressed and committed to work to resolving is the issue of the environment, in particular matters such as pollution, grid lock, and creating an “environmentally sustainable city”.

Secured Courier is a Toronto based company that has been serving the business community for 20 years. In this time we have seen the negative impact of more traffic, more vehicles and more pollution as it denigrates the quality of life in the city. We have decided that there is a contribution that we can make.

In the next few weeks, we will be introducing THE GREENTEAM COURIER Company!
In point form here is what we hope to accomplish:
We will immediately remove 60 vehicles from the downtown core throughout the business day!
All packages in the GreenTeam Zone (Queen’s Quay to Eglinton – Bathhurst to Bayview) will be delivered without using automobiles. Packages coming from outside the zone will be transferred to “peddle power” at the edge of this zone.
Bicycles, Foot Delivery and riding the TTC – our couriers will be on the job.

We will:

  • Reduce grid lock!
  • Free up temporary parking!
  • Reduce emissions on an ever increasing basis as we grow the business.
  • Deliver packages faster than by vehicle
  • Reduce costs – lower fees (no fuel surcharges or high insurance costs)
  • Increase awareness that “You can make a difference!”
  • Encourage companies to not only contribute to the solution but also to tell the world that they are a member of our GreenTeam.
  • Reduce waste paper by handling all orders through our website
  • Promote events that highlight the benefit of our company and its contribution to the city.
  • Contribute 5% of our corporate profits to the Toronto Tree Advocacy Planting Program and make all of our clients aware of this project. Demonstrating how easy it is to truly make a difference.