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Sameday Courier Service / Distribution Logistics / Cartage / Moving Services

  • Sameday service by air, coast to coast, nation-wide to all major cities.
  • Rush service anywhere in Ontario / Quebec.
  • Sameday & Direct service in the Southern Ontario region.
  • Sameday, Rush & Direct & Panic service in the core of Toronto and the entire GTA.
  • Rush, Direct & Panic service available for skid work and all large items.
  • Small office moving services available by the hour. Call for details.

Secured Courier Division logoToronto GTA: Secured Courier Division

Out of Core (Boundaries – Major Mackenzie(North) 9th Line(West) Port Union Rd(East) Lake Ontario(South)

  • Panic: Point to point delivery, our fastest service, we pick up and go with your package only. (There are no discounts for this type of premium service.)
  • Direct: 60-90 minutes
  • Rush: 90-3 Hrs (cut off by 2pm)
  • Sameday: Businesses (cut off 12 Noon) pick up and deliver by 5PM.
  • Sameday: Residential, delivered by 6PM.
  • Overnight: delivery will be completed by 5PM next business day. (cut off times vary by location .. please contact us for your cut off time)

Please note that in the GTA and Ontario only Rush, Direct and Panic services are available for “Specialty Vehicles” such as Van, Cube Van, Truck or hatchback. Sameday and Overnight service are not available.

Greenteam Courier Division logo

Toronto Downtown : Greenteam Courier Division

Downtown “Core” Toronto and anywhere along the TTC Subway routes – Service Levels

Core Boundries – Eglinton Ave. (North), Dufferin St. (West), Bayview Ave. (East) and Queens Quay/Lakeshore Blvd. (South)

  • Panic: Point to point delivery, our fastest service.
  • Direct: 30-60 minutes
  • Rush: 60-90 minutes (cut off by 3pm)
  • Overnight service
  • Sameday: Businesses (cut off 12 Noon) pick up and deliver by 5PM.
  • Sameday: Residential, delivered by 6PM.

Please note that we only offer Panic and Direct services when orders are placed requiring “specialty vehicles”. Ie.Vans, Cube Vans,  Trucks or Hatchbacks.

Additional Services

We Also Provide…

  • Full insurance (additional insurance available upon request)    * View our TERMS AND SURCHARGES
  • Proof of delivery (printed signature and delivery time)
  • Instant tracking & tracing (computerized tracking of all shipments)
  • Personal door-to-door service by our friendly, highly trained staff.
  • Special requests (late pickups, volume shipments, whatever your needs)
  • Full range of vehicles to meet your requirements.
  • Friendly, helpful & experienced staff to assist you.
  • Food Catering Delivery Division – Food catering delivery specialists deliver food quickly, safely, carefully and on time.
    Please contact Abby Szekeres at (416) 363-3278 for rates and info for your location.
    More details on our Food Catering Service here

National & International Shipments

  • Pickup and Delivery to all Major Points in Canada and the World.
  • U.S.A. Overnight/ International Overnight.
  • 1st AM Delivery Specialists.
  • Proof of Delivery.
  • Insurance.
  • Competitive Reasonable Rates.
  • Instant Tracing.

After-hours / Weekend and Holiday Delivery
Night Line  (416) 363-3278

Secured Courier operates 24/7 our after-hours delivery service is rapidly growing. Most business close at 5 or 6 PM daily … NOT US!


Because many companies run 24 hours per day we want to offer our delivery service to these companies. We will pick up and deliver for you at anytime to keep things running smoothly for you.

We have several drivers on call all night long to service you, we provide users of this service our after-hours telephone number so you can reach our dispatch staff to ensure that your orders are dealt with quickly and accurately no matter when.

The after-hours number is: (416) 363-3278.

Please call our office for more details, we are your “FULL SERVICE COURIER”