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Terms and Surcharges

Vehicle Request Surcharge

Van $50.00, Hatchback $15.00, Car $5.00 (car surcharge applies in the downtown core only),
18′ Cube Van $80.00.

For cartage and moving $60/hr.


The first piece is free with your order. Each additional piece is $1.50 each.

Weight Charges

The first 10 pounds are included free of charge in your order.  Each additional pound is charged at $0.50 each.

Vehicle Weight Maximums

0-100 lbs. Car, 101-200 lbs. Hatchback, 201 lbs + Van, Full Size Van, Cube Van, Straight Truck as required per the weight and size of your shipment.

*PLEASE NOTE only DIRECT service is available for “Specialty Vehicles” such as Van, Cube Van,Truck or Hatchback. All other services are not available.

Waiting Time/ Loading and Unloading Time

“Waiting Time and Load/Unload Time” is charged if:

  • The order is not ready on time or is delayed when we arrive
  • There is a delay at the delivery-end caused by having to wait for the availability of a loading dock
  • There is waiting time due to insufficient delivery information (ie. contact name, ambiguous address information, etc.)
  • When carrying multiple pieces up and down stairs or hand-bombing and carrying over longer distances to and from the vehicle to a loading dock there could be additional loading or unloading charges which will be all documented on the order.

The charge for this is $2.00 per minute. Please ensure that your order is complete and ready when placing your order.

No Pick Up Charge

When we arrive to pick up your package after you have placed an order, if the package is not available you will be charged the full price of the call.


100% of the delivery price.

Weekends, holidays, before and after regular office hours

All deliveries are charged at PANIC rate plus $25 surcharge.

Insurance Liability

Please read carefully. Maximum liability of $2.00 per pound computed on the total weight of the shipment. Glass items are not covered. We do not deliver these items by Overnight or Sameday service. Due to the fragile nature of the product. The amount of any loss or damage for which the carrier may be liable, shall not exceed $2.00 per pound (or $4.41 per kilogram) computed on the total weight of the shipment unless a higher value is declared on the face of the bill of lading by the consignor, and it is further agreed as a special agreement, and notwithstanding any disclosure of the nature or extraordinary value of the goods, the amount of any loss or damage,including without limitation consequential, incidental or indirect damages including loss of earnings or profits, in any manner resulting, whether or not from negligence or gross negligence, from loss or damage to the goods and/or misdelivery, failure to deliver or delay in delivery of the goods, for which the carrier may be liable to the consignor owner consignee and/or any third party whether in contract, tort or otherwise, shall in no event exceed i) in the case of fundamental breach by carrier, the greater of an amount equal to the carriers maximum liability aforesaid and the amount of all freight and other charges paid hereunder, and ii) in any other case, an amount equal to the carriers maximum liability/aforesaid.

Additional Insurance

To purchase additional insurance for your valuable items beyond our regular coverage/liability, you may  purchase it at a rate of $8.00 per $100.00 of insured value up to a maximum value of $3000.00. Secured Courier reserves the right to view/inspect all shipments prior to accepting liability and shipping of them. GLASS/CHINA/MARBLE and JEWELRY items are NOT covered.

Secured Courier must be notified by telephone and in writing of complete details concerning any additional insurance request in order to accept responsibility.

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