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Tree Advocacy Planting Program

Greenteam tree plantingAs part of our overall strategy with Greenteam Courier, we felt that eliminating courier delivery vehicles and hence their harmful vehicle emissions from the Greenteam Delivery Area just was not going to be enough. There had to be more that we could do.

We said, “Ok we have cut down and eliminated the need for vehicles in the downtown core and we have replaced them with “more” cyclists, walkers and even Metro pass couriers but what about the air that we breathe? By getting, the cars out this will help but what else can we do?

Let’s do more to improve the air quality here in our great city. Let’s plant a forest!

That is when I met Deputy Mayor Joe Pantalone and he explained his Tree Advocacy Planting Program to me.

The Tree Advocacy Planting Program is a city-wide initiative to replenish our shrinking urban forest. With the help of Mayor Miller, Deputy Mayor Pantalone, Toronto City Council, corporate sponsors and thousands of volunteers, more than 350,000 trees and shrubs have been planted since 1999.

A flourishing urban forest is paramount to a healthy city. With each tree that we plant, we create a living legacy for generations to come. I believe this is a proactive, positive initiative that we should do. We will donate a minimum 5% of our corporate profits to TAPP and we will plant additional trees on behalf of all of our Greenteam Clients. We will invite you to participate in the plantings as well, bring your kids! I can tell you that I never felt better then when I was planting trees in Colonel Sam Smith Park earlier this spring with all those people. It was a great feeling and you can go back and see the trees growing over time!

Please keep your eye on this website for information regarding future tree plantings with Greenteam.  We will be planting over 1500 trees and shrubs at a site specifically chosen for us in the Eglinton Flats area at Scarlett Road and Eglinton Avenue West. More details are coming.

Thanks and have a great “Green” day.

Greg Linton
President & CEO
Secured Courier Ltd. & Greenteam Courier Ltd.
3106 Dundas Street West
Toronto, ON
M6P 2A1